Learn About Pet Vaccinations in Fort Saskatchewan

Along with an annual physical, Fort Saskatchewan Veterinary Clinic Ltd provides a number of pet vaccination options for Fort Saskatchewan owners. Our staff will decide with you what vaccines are right for your pet.

Core vaccines are the standard vaccines recommended for a dog or cat in a geographic area. These protect against possible diseases in the area that represent a high risk for sickness or death. Common core vaccines for dogs are Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus, and Rabies. Common core vaccines for cats are Panleukopenia, Calici, Rhinotracheitis, and Rabies.

Non-core vaccines are vaccines that we give for certain types of exposures or risks. For examples, kennel cough is a respiratory disease that spreads easily if groups of dogs are interacting. The Bordetella vaccine protects against one form of kennel cough and might be recommended for dogs going to kennels, shows, or doggy daycares. Various other non-core vaccines are available at our clinic.

Vaccine Titres are another option offered at the Fort Saskatchewan Veterinary Clinic Ltd. Titres are measured by checking blood antibody levels. If antibody levels are high due to previous vaccines, we can skip years in between administering vaccines. We can still issue a certificate indicating the pet is protected by vaccines but can decrease the total number of vaccines a pet receives in their lifetime. Titres are currently available for canine core vaccines.

To schedule a pet vaccination in Fort Saskatchewan today, contact us.

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